Picture this: The year is 2002. The place is the 3rd grade playground. And the place to be on that playground? The "Ask Jessica" booth. A repurposed tool shed which became the place where my healing and helping journey began. Friends and fellow classmates would come to me during recess and ask for advice on the day to day issues (i.e Julia was my best friend yesterday and today she's not) and I would happily and shamelessly guide them through their issues.


My name is Jessica Soares and I am an empowerment and self-sovereignty coach passionate about helping women remember who the fuck they are. What began as a fun project for an audacious little girl has now become a career and a calling. Since the third grade, I have graduated to helping grown-ass women step into their fullest, unapologetic, grown-ass selves. There are so many incredible women out there who have magic to offer the world and are being held back by self-doubt, low confidence, and analysis paralyis. I help them find clarity around what they truly want, decondition the thoughts and beliefs that are keeping them stuck, and learn how to create self-motivation and take aligned action.


Above all,  I believe that YOU are your greatest, and only master and I am here to help you remember that.

I am not for everyone and I don't try to be. I believe love and light is more often than not code word for "I can't deal with the intense shit and would rather bypass, but do it in a condescending tone so that I feel superior to you". I don't believe that you can light a candle, make a wish, sit still on your couch for 3 months and all of a sudden walk out into the arms of a sexy new lover and 100k in the bank. I do  get WILDLY excited about things I have an interest in - see dogs, personality typing tools, the ocean, magic mushrooms, and male strippers. I love to smoke cleanse and take baths with crystals in them, but I can definitely pound back tequila shots and twerk my ass off. We are walking beings of duality and contradiction, and I fucking love that. I believe that the only thing that is black and white is the fact that nothing,  is in fact not black and white. Everything exists in the shades of grey (but also like racism is bad and this is a fact).



If you are curious and ready to reclaim all your shades of grey, let's see if you are a right fit for our work together!

Still wanna learn more about me? I love to tell stories, so you can find more here!

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