O Eros, silently smiling one, hear me.
Let the shadow of thy wings
brush me.
Let thy presence
enfold me, as if darkness
were swandown.
Let me see that darkness
lamp in hand,
this country become
the other country
sacred to desire.

Drowsy god,
slow the wheels of my thought
so that I listen only
to the snowfall hush of
thy circling.
Close my beloved with me
in the smoke ring of thy power,
that we way be, each to the other,
figures of flame,
figures of smoke,
figures of flesh
newly seen in the dusk.

-Hymn to Eros, Denise Levertov

An exploration of your erotic landscape guided by the questions


  • what turns me on?

  • what makes me feel most alive?

  • how do i share my most sensual self with the world?

Over the course of 6 weeks, we will venture in to our own erotic world and reclaim the agency over our own bodies and desires. This is not a class or course, rather it is an experimentation, a journey, a process in revelation and uncovering, an inquiry rather than an answer. Each session will be practical, creative, and performative in nature - meaning you will witness and be witnessed in your full, unabashed, erotic expression.

Each 2-hour session will be broken down into guided exploration and teaching, artistic creation, and a show and tell portion. You will begin and end the journey with the same cohort, each week unpeeling a layer of yourself in front of a group.

Week 1: Who is my Erotic Self?

We always begin exactly where we are. With discovery and awareness. We begin by asking and seeking out the answer to this question

Week 2: From P**** to Pen: Writing my Erotic Self

Perhaps the original form of pornographic material - the written word. With the capacity to produce wet panties in even just one world, this week we explore the depths of our minds shared through the wisdom of our hands.

Week 3: In Front of the Camera: Capturing my Erotic Self

Photos. Videos. There is no denying the power of visual stimulus. This week we practice how we convey the complexity of our erotic nature through the eye of the camera. 

Week 4: The Body, The Seat of the Erotic

There is no aliveness without the body. The body is where the erotic lives. This week we come into our sense of touch and our ability to move as we learn to express through sensual dance. 

Week 5: Giving Voice to my Erotic Self

What does your erotic self sound like? Including but not limited to the moans, the whimpers, the laughs...this week we explore the throat and what happens when we give voice to our desires.

Week 6: Sharing my Erotic Self

Part of what makes the erotic so hot is the sharing of it. Including others in our most intimate moments is sexy AF, but we often aren't taught how to do it. How to ask for what we want. How to say what we're really feeling. This week we take all that we've been working on and share it with others.

At the end of the six weeks you will have:

  • deeper intimacy and self-knowledge about what you like and how you like it

  • a collection of hot fantasies, written by your very hand

  • a collection of sexy pictures to hold on to and do with as you please

  • a gully choreographed sensual dance to share with your next playmate

  • recorded material of your fantasies and expression of desire

  • improved sexting skills, improved sexy photo taking skills, and the ability to answer the question: tell me what you want, with greater confidence, shamelessness, and clarity

  • a community of people who will gladly receive your erotic creations and cheer you on when you decide to start your audio-only OnlyFans page

Week of November 29-Jan 3

Mondays, 2-4 pm EST

Tuesdays, 6-8 pm EST

$444 (payment plans available upon request)

12 spots left. 

When you click sign up now, you will be taken to the payment page. After the payment has been completed, you will receive an e-mail with further information. If you have any questions or would like to sign up for a payment plan, please e-mail