Ershkigal, goddess of truth and shadow


In Ancient Mesopotamian mythology, Ershkigal was the goddess of the underworld. Older sister to the more popular goddess Inana/Ishtar. Ershkigal rules over the dead and all that which lies in the shadow. In the myth of Innana’s descent into the underworld, it is her own sister Ershkigal who kills her. And then brings her back to life once she has truly gotten to know her own darkness. Ershkigal is full of mystery and many fear her, mainly because she has no fear of the dark and twisted. 


If you resonate with Ershkigal, your super power lies in your ability to see and honor the truth. Whether this truth is good or bad, is not of concern to you as you know that these are simply human labels. You are fascinated by the dark and twisted and that which lives in the shadows...that which society has deemed taboo. Remember, we must all dive into our shadows and you can teach others that there is nothing to fear there. All parts of us are worthy of love. Just be careful not to live or glorify the darkness more than what it really is. You are fearless, and in these confusing times, we need you to open our eyes to the truth and the shadows of the world in which we exist.

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