Tarot Sacred Circles: Reflecting on the Wisdom of the Emperor

Phew….2020 has been A YEAR! This year has seen life brought to a standstill. Countless lives have been lost. Pivots have been made, and beautifully humanity has shone through. In a year that has brought us so much darkness, we have been gifted with an equal amount of light. 

According to Tarot, 2020 has been an Emperor year. A year dedicated to teaching us the lessons of the Emperor, and of the number 4 in general. 

It can be so easy to look forward in anticipation for the year 2021, but for us to move up the spiral, we must first reflect on what has been gained and lost this year. 

If you are looking to close the year in ceremony, with intention, and in community with other like-minded souls, then please join us. 

This event will be a tarot sacred circle in which I will speak on the lessons of the Emperor and how it has manifested globally. There will be time for journaling and sharing. Each attendee will also receive a guided meditation on the divine masculine to keep forever. Bring your deck, a cup of tea, your favorite blanket, and an open heart.