Becoming Brilliant: How to Overcome Your Fear of Shining

Learn how to use your power, not fear it.



I'm Jessica

I am a coach specializing in helping people live their most truthful lives. This means a life, that is wholly your own. A life designed, rather than lived by default. I believe that we all have a right and responsibility to make up our own rules as we go and honor the voice in our hearts. Unfortunately in today's world that voice is tamped down by years of conditioning and limitations. Voices that tell us that our success is something to fear. Not anymore. And this course will help you get there.

Sometimes Jess....never Jessy

Empowerment and Self-Sovereignty Coach



This course will be a self-paced exploration into your past, present, and future. Upon purchase, you will receive access to the entire course and can then choose to go through it in whatever way is best for you. There are videos, a workbook full of fun activities, journal prompts, and more. The course is made up of seven modules designed to help you understand why you might be holding yourself back and how to move forward in your life sans apology. If you are here, chances are you already have an inkling of your greatness....and I want to make sure you no longer fear it, but embrace it! For extra support, join us in the Facebook Group, where I will be daily, answering all your questions and sharing more resources!

In This Course You Will Learn To:

You Will Learn How To


Identify why you are still playing small and understand how to stop doing that.


Uncover and reprogram the limiting beliefs that are telling you it is not safe to be brilliant.


Begin to take action in your day to day life to step fully in to your power.

What People Say

Jessica helped me own my GODDESS MAGICAL SELF and understand how worthy I am to have a life that I want and dream of.  


About the Course


I am a powerful, intelligent, beautiful, creative, inspiring woman. 

It took me a long time to be able to say that without a disclaimer or apology and fully own it. I have always been naturally confident, but I have not always accepted my confidence. I have pretended to be insecure when I wasn't, and I have held myself back when I knew I would kick ass.


This my friends, is what we call the fear of greatness, and I'll venture a guess that if you found yourself here, you have experienced this unique pain before. I know so many incredible humans who are truly the only thing standing in their way of their dream life. Their own power, scares them. So instead, they make excuses and keep playing small.

If this is you, I want you to give yourself the gift of exploring why and begin to start working with your brilliance rather than fearing it. Take a walk with your demons and emerge no longer afraid of your own brilliance, but instead, ready to shine. 


This is for you if:

  • You know you have something amazing to offer the world and keep getting in your own way

  • You are ready to share your creative projects with the world but for some reason keep holding yourself back

  • You were told that you were *too much* and now fear your own inner power

  • You have a strong sense of self worth and still struggle taking action on your dreams

  • You keep making excuses for why you haven't yet owned all your power

  • You are a creative and are stuck by the idea of playing by the rules

  • You know you are amazing, you know you are a rockstar, you know you are divine magic...and you are finally ready to share that knowledge with the world


Seven-module Course and Workbook to keep forever for only $33.

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Yes, I want to stop shrinking myself down for others!

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