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Dark Goddess


Take this FREE quiz to find out which Dark Goddess you are and receive a personalized guided practice to help you connect with your chosen goddess' energy.

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10 Day Challenge: A Crystal Clear Life By Design

Over the course of 10 days, you will receive short video lessons as well as guided prompts designed to get you fantasizing and clear on your dream life. 

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A Core-Values Led Life

Take this FREE quiz to find out what your foundational Core Value is. You will receive 3 tips + tools on how to work with your value and use it in your journey towards empowerment.


Becoming Brilliant: Overcome the Fear of Success

Sign up for this mini-course and learn how to overcome your fear of success and greatness. Includes 2+ hours of video lessons,  and workbook. 

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50 Questions to Your Life's Purpose

Get your FREE guide made up of 50 journal prompts and questions that will lead you towards uncovering your life purpose in a more holistic and multi-faceted way.


Soul surrender guided embodiment practice

Download my free introductory embodiment practice now. As soon as you sign up you will receive access to 40 minutes of delicious body-love time.