hecate, witch of witches


All mighty Hecate. Goddess of the night, of the supernatural, protectress of witches. Hecate is the goddess who oversees all that lives in the dark. She is mysterious and powerful and quite solitary. She is one of the three moon goddesses. Many feared Hecate because of her association with witchcraft and monsters, but Hecate knew that there was always light to be found in the darkness. 


You my darling, as one who has Hecate energy are connected to all that is unseen. You are a powerful witch and have the gift of a strong intuition. Never stop following that. Your intuition and your psychic gifts are going to lead you towards your greatest life and highest self. You might have a deep fascination with all things “dark” and esoteric. This is nothing to be ashamed or scared of. The dark is simply a different part of the spectrum than the light. You may be a more solitary and introverted person because many people don’t understand you. That is not a reflection on you, it is simply their own fears of the dark being mirrored back to them.

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