Hedone, goddess of pleasure


You might have heard of Hedone. If not, you most certainly have heard of her philosophical concept, hedonism. Hedone is the Ancient Greek Goddess of pleasure, delight, and indulgence. Think earthy, sensual, food, wine, sex, pleasure...these are the domain of Hedone. The child of Eros and Psyche, Hedone was the resident goddess to poets and artists and those who wished to love life. Hedone however was not one to be crossed, when aggravated she would turn wives into dragonic hydras who would eat their husbands and children. The only way to keep her appeased was with lavish gifts and offering of food and flowers. 

As one who carries the energy of Hedone within her, you are ruled by and driven by your senses. You are the embodiment of earthly indulgence. Fully connected to your body, you do not apologize for wanting what you want. Others may think of you as high-maintenance or overly-indulgent but you know that the secret to a good life, lies in how much you can enjoy it. We are here on Earth for such a brief time and you for one, are going to make it count. Good food, good wine, luxury, physical touch...these are the things that light you up. Do not feel guilty about this, it is a beautiful thing to be shameless in your desire. Desire is your driving force, so when you are feeling disconnected, come back to the question: what do I really want. Use this unique ability of yours to show others how connecting with their bodies can be the key to their liberation.


Want to connect more deeply with Hedone energy?