ishtar, goddess of erotic love


The goddess Ishtar, AKA Innana. Ishtar is the first goddess of love and war. Born from Ancient Mesopotamian history, Ishtar’s story is one of drama and transformation. She is a goddess of Venus and more specifically connected to erotic love. It is said that she protected sex workers and ale houses and her worship included temple prostitution. Her power came from being unashamed and unafraid of her sexual power.


Hello sexy mama! As one who carries the energy of Ishtar inside her, you are deeply connected to your sexuality. For you sex is more than a physical transacation, it is a prayer, a spiritual act. Despite years of being told from society to either be ashamed of your sexuality or use it as a tool, you know that true sexual power comes from being connected to your erotic desires. Be careful not to yield sex as a weapon, not everybody relates to erotic love the way you do. And watch out that you are not using it as a tool to keep people away or to make yourself feel “cool”. In its highest, your connection to eroticism is your superpower. It allows you to connect to your body and to your truth and to be irresistibly magnetic. Use this power to teach others not to fear their sexuality, and instead become friends with it.

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