lilith, the freedom chaser 


As the legend goes, Lilith was Adam’s first wife. When Lilith insisted on being on top or at least to make love side by side, Adam refused (MAJOR EYE ROLL). Adam tattled to the almighty who kicked her out of the garden of Eden.Some say that it is Lilith who became the serpent that then convinced Eve to eat the apple. According to this version of events, Lilith is the fist liberationist and one of the first women to embody collaboration > competition. 

As one who resonates with Lilith, you are here to chase liberation. For yourself and from others. Your superpower lies in questioning why and asking who has the power. You have an innate desire to live a free life and to be subservient to any person, idea, or system. Like a bird, your canvas is an unencumbered one. You also understand that liberation for one, means liberation for all, and that by living a life on your terms, you are encouraging others to do the same. Continue to do things your way, even when no one else get its, and when you can don’t forget to extend an arm out to those who may need your assistance in liberating themselves

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