nemesis, goddess of cosmic balance


Nemesis was the Ancient Greek goddess of divine retribution. She would commit retribution against evil deeds and undeserved good fortune. Her purpose in regards to humanity was to maintain and ensure equilibrium. Nemesis may have been one for doling out punishments, but only when it was necessary to do so. She is the goddess personification of cosmic balance. 


Within you lies a deep desire for justice and balance in this world. You may harbor secret revenge fantasies or get very emotional when reading about the rampant injustice in this world. This is your superpower. You are not afraid to call out what is wrong and in turn take action to make it right. Some may view you far too demanding or exacting but you know that until we are all free, none of us are free. Injustice is your thematic chord. Your medicine is what the world most needs right now. We need people like you to see where things are in need of evening out and your leadership so that we can take the talk and turn it into results, even if this means that some must come down from the perch they have erected for themselves on the backs of others.

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