Sekhmet, Goddess of wrath 


Sekhmet is the Ancient Egyptian Goddess of the sun. She was created from the fire in sun god Ra’s eyes and rules over the hot desert, plague, chaos, war, and also healing. Her wrath was fear-inducing in all and she was fearless and shameless in letting her anger lead. Made up of the body of a woman and the head of a lion, crowned with a sun disk, Sekhmet would use her rage to lead the pharaohs in warfare and protect them. The ancient Egyptians also turned to Sekhemt when seeking healing from disease.


As one who has the power of Sekmet within her, you have the gift of sacred rage. Your anger, no matter how much shame you may feel around it, is your superpower. It will show you where your boundaries are and what you will and will not tolerate it. If you try to repress this anger, it will burn you up from the inside out. Instead, learn to work with it. Learn to harness it and direct it so that you can use it as fuel to create change. Control your anger, instead of letting it control you and you will be an unstoppable force who can bring about rapid and radical change. Do not run from your roar my darling, it is your voice.

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