My reading style combines traditional tarot knowledge with channeling. All readings are intuition led and action-oriented. My goal is to help demystify the energy around what tarot is and help people take the knowledge off the table and into the real world where it can have practical applications. Everything is a choice, and our fates are never sealed. With the marriage of our energies, I strive to remind you of your inherent power and connection to the Universe. 


Readings begin with meditation and drop in practice before diving into the readings. After each reading, clients are provided with my signature tarotscript. A prescription of actions I invite you to take in order to better embody and connect to the messages revealed to us in the reading.

TarotScript Standard

Struggling to find clarity? Let's work together to clear through the fog and understand the energy surrounding the issue.


Soul Card Guidance

Similar to a standard reading however we begin with an analysis of your soul card and weave in that knowledge throughout the rest of the reading.

Solar Return Reading

It's your birthday! Find out what tarot year you are going in to and what energies are surrounding you as you journey one more time around the sun.

Jimena Perea


Julia Yon


Kamila Hampl