~ A 12-week experience designed to activate your deepest self ~

It’s time for your life to start looking like the version you’ve been daydreaming about, journaling about, manifesting, and designing intricate Pinterest boards of. Enough talk. More walk.

You deserve to live a life that is liberated and untethered to the expectations and definitions that were placed upon you from the day you were born - without the fear that that life will lead to a loss of love, less financial security, or alienation from those around you


let's daydream a little, IMAGINE: 

  • No longer needing external validation and accolades, no longer chasing after titles and what society has defined as success - because you have finally internalized that inner validation is the greatest gift. 

  • No longer feeling like an imposter, and finally trusting FULLY in your skills, gifts, and capabilities.

  • Building an unshakeable line of communication directly to your own heart. No longer chasing after the latest guru, teacher, and trend. Becoming and honoring your own inner expert. 

  • Being crystal clear about where you came from and who are. Living in full accordance with your values.

  • No longer running away from the parts of yourself which you have deemed unlovable - the part of you that is needy, a know-it all, wants to be seen.

  • No longer operating from the subconscious beliefs that tell you that you are simultaneously not enough, and far too much. 

  • Knowing exactly what is the correct next step for you to take when confronted with the things that just light you up

  • Feeling powerful and revved up when reading news that grinds your gears instead of feeling hopeless and dejected. 

  • Being able to truly hold yourself accountable from a place of deep love. 

  • FINALLY, being able to take action as your highest self, not just having an awareness of who your highest self is.

None of this is impossible. In fact, it is very, very possible. And if you found yourself here, perhaps you are ready to answer the call. Don’t sleep on yourself boo, you deserve a life that is uniquely your own.

When you were a kid, you believed that everything was possible. And very quickly, life taught you that this was not the case. You were told, both explicitly and implicitly that there are rules to being a ‘good person’, a ‘lady’, an ‘adult’. And maybe you have tried on your own, or alongside some support to release the messages that you were taught and reconnect to your own truth. But there is still something that is keeping you chained. Something inside you that knows there is something more. Something deep within your own heart that craves freedom - freedom to be exactly who you are. And not just know that person, but actually, finally start BEING that person. Moving through the world, as that person.


I hear you and I deeply, deeply feel you. I want you to know that you are not alone

Here’s the thing even if you have tried to heal on your own from the arbitrary and damn right ridiculous rules and impositions society has placed on you from a young age - the personal development and wellness industry is a shit show. It’s unregulated and everybody and their mother has an opinion or has “the cure-all”. So you’ve read all the books, listened to all the podcasts, done ALL the things. But the problem with that is, none of those things are YOUR thing. And yes, I am aware of the irony of me presenting you one more thing. But I’m not telling you you need me. You absolutely do not, and I will never tell you you do. But what I can help you with is leading you back into your own heart. Helping you liberate yourself. I’m not going to do the work for you, quite frankly I don’t want to. But I fully believe in your ability to give that to yourself. 

Because what if, what you need isn’t another reading, another healing, another ceremony, another book...or another course?

What if you could give yourself exactly what you are looking for? How fucking badass and empowering is that? Doesn’t it already feel like a release, like an exhale?



If you’ve found your way here, I’m guessing it’s not your first foray into the world of personal, spiritual development. Nope, you are an intelligent and concerned modern woman who knows how important it is to prioritize your growth. So maybe you have signed up for the moon circles, and you’ve read all the books.

Maybe you do have a therapist and a coach, and you’ve done embodiment work. Maybe you’re comfortable talking about meditation and living a heart-centered life.

And you know what, maybe you’re not but you sure as shit are curious - that’s wonderful, few things are as delicious as the spark of curiosity.

  • But you still feel like your emotions are too much for most people to carry. You’ve heard the phrase “sit with your emotions” but you don’t ACTUALLY know how to do it. 

  • You hold yourself back. Give them 90, keep back 10. Because somewhere inside of you, you are afraid to be rejected for the truth of who you are. 

  • You believe that some emotions are “better than others”

  • You are comfortable with people expressing gratitude and joy and wonder at the miracle of life but feel deeply uncomfortable when confronted with emotions such as despair, rage, and grief. 

  • You know that you want to be living a life other than the one you are currently living but you don’t know what the other life looks like, there is no clarity.

  • Your heart and your body say one thing, while your mind is saying another thing, and the battle between them is killing you inside. 

  • From the outside, your life seems fine, and maybe honestly it is - you are generally happy and living your life day to day….but something inside of you knows that you are meant for more, knows that the life you are living isn’t the life you were meant to live

  • You’ve done the work, you really and truly have. But when it comes to living the work, to being the work, to taking action from that more truthful and exalted version of yourself - something dissociates and doesn't fall into place

  • And no matter how much work and healing you’ve done, you keep falling into the same patterns and habits. Stuck in scarcity mindset and attracting unavailable partners who do not see your worth


And it’s frustrating because you KNOW that you are playing small, you FEEL that you are meant to live a life that is liberated and you desperately want to give ABSOLUTELY NO FUCKS, but you’re still giving some fucks. That is normal and you are not broken or lesser than. You are simply human. 


Trust me, I know that feeling greatly - that yearning of the heart for a life that lights your soul on fire.

And here’s the thing, everything that you have been working towards, everything that you have been craving is 100% absolutely available to you. The life you have been manifesting is available to you. The career you want. The love you want. The friendships you want. The home you want. You can have it:

  • Without spending half your paycheck on all the crystals and all the courses

  • Without turning your whole life upside down, quitting your job, and moving to Bali (but like if you do, HMU).

  • Without seeking and following to a T what the hottest new guru is saying.

  • Without it taking years and years.

  • Without it being a bummer, depressing ride on the struggle-bus all the way through.


  • Without quitting your 9-5 and becoming a #soulprenur 


  • Without meditating for an hour every single day


  • Without feeling like there is always something broken inside of you that needs to be fixed.

  • Without worrying what everyone around you will think and say

  • Without feeling like a failure for experiencing anger and sadness

  • Without feeling like a fraud for having contradictory experiences (you can be a feminist and a hoe, boo). 

  • Without questioning your worth. For if there is something I want you to leave with, is that your worth is fucking non-negotiable.

Your worth is a given. But the question is....are you ready to strip down and liberatee that deeper, fuller, most exalted version of who the fuck you are?

200 (3).gif



The 12-week group coaching program for soulful, passionate women who want to live a more honest, heart-centered, intentional, liberated life by design,

*If you are more visual, auditory like moi...please feel free to watch the video below. The video begins with a poetry reading that encompasses the energy of the program, followed a short guided meditation, and then into a conversation around the program. It is about 20 minutes, but if you want to fast forward to just the program deets, hope over to minute 9. 

For my fellow readers, feel free to keep scrolling. Or do both! I want you to have all the information you need. 

The Deets

Following my signature 9 step framework alongside a real community, Unchained and Untamed will help you re-connect with that divine and unique spark that lives within you and propel you into ALIGNED action. It's about getting you out of the "wantihng and talking about it" phase into actually "doing something about it". 


You will learn: 

  • What cultural and conditioning society is operating within you 

  • How to identify and define your core values

  • How to communicate with your highest self and gain crystal-clear insight into where you are going

  • How to re-program those pesky limiting beliefs into freeing, expansive ones

  • What fears are still operating within you and how to make them your friend instead

  • How to excavate the darkest part of you, the part that you believe will keep you safe as long as you keep it hidden. AKA our old friend, shadow

  • How to dance with and learn from your shadow. 

  • How to finally hold yourself accountable

  • How to switch from an external validation system to an internal one

  • Communication tools and styles that will help you articulate your needs, desires, and boundaries

  • How to make all the work default, so it doesn’t feel like effort, but instead feels like ease.


There are many wonderful programs, courses, coaches, and teachers out there, and I acknowledge that I am not for everyone. But if you are ready to finally get the answers from within, aided by some very fiery spirit and in community with fellow badass women, there is nothing else like Unchained and Untamed. 

Applying what you learn, and most importantly, what you EXPERIENCE from Unchained and Untamed is your key to:

  • A more fulfilling life

  • A more raw and honest existence 

  • A deeper connection to yourself

  • The building of unshakeable self-trust

  • And ultimately, your fucking LIBERATION


Unchained and Untamed will reduce that hint of doubt you have around trusting yourself, will remove the beliefs you have that tell you that you are not enough, or far too much...it will bring you into a greater intentional life. 


This life is yours, and yours alone….and in Unchained and Untamed we will reawaken together, to the truth of who we are and what we want - unapologetically.


What does Unchained and Untamed look like?

(in short, it looks like awesomeness)


10 days of pre-work to get you juiced up and ready to go

video call.png

12 weekly 60 minute video coaching calls


3, 2-hour social calls AKA Liberated Lady Parties


Daily Journal with prompts and quotes

Accompanying Weekly Worksheets

A private Facebook community for accountability and support

A daily Soul Surrender Practice


Week 1: Declare Your Personal Manifesto

  • Get clear on the things that matter TO YOU, your raison d'etre

  • Determine and commit to your own guiding compass in life

Week 2: Know Thy Soup

  • Deep dive into the larger context around you that has played a part in your conditioning

  • Examining childhood and familial teachings

  • Acknowledging and dismantling the larger capital T truths that have determined your existence and trajectory - society, media, capitalism, etc.

Week 3: Draw the Map

  • Understand and devise a clear image of the direction in which you are heading

  • Become clear on the obstacles standing in the way of achieving that objective

Week 4/5: Meet The Monsters

  • Dive into your core wounds and fears

  • Examine where they come from and work on becoming friends with them

  • Learn how to communicate with and learn from your fears

Week 6/7: Rewrite The Story Book

  • Get clear on the stories, both conscious and subconscious that are ruling your waking life

  • Transform limiting beliefs into supportive, expansive beliefs

Week 8/9: Turn Shit Into Gold

  • Learn how to walk hand in hand with your shadow

  • Reveal the things that you have shoved into the caverns of your soul and learn how to love them

  • Examine the things and qualities in others that activate you and inquire why

Week 10: Flow From Overflow

  • Connect to your unique definition of self-care

  • Learn how to honor long term goals over instant gratification

  • Begin to give only from the overflow of what you pour into yourself first

Week 11: Walk the Talk

  • Build a personal accountability system

  • Learn your unique motivation style

  • Learn love-rooted and effective communication styles and how to honor your boundaries both internally, and externally

Week 12: Make It Default

  • Learn how to embrace ease and begin taking action as your new self over your conditioned self

  • Create a new reality and "soup" for yourself


Leaves Shadow

Jill F.

Working with Jessica was and continues to be so empowering, educational and incredible. She helped me OWN my goddess, magical self and understand how worthy I am of love, success, pleasure, and a life that I want and dream of. I will never again be the same shy, apologetic, wallflower as I had been before.  What’s important throughout your time working with Jessica is to be REALLY HONEST with yourself and with her. She will help you unfold so many layers within yourself but be ready to go at Rocket Pace! Working with her is really a once in a lifetime experience and I can't imagine my world without her.

Leaves Shadow

Amanda R.

I have worked with many different personal development professionals before and what I LOVE about Jessica is that she really allows me to discover my own process. She holds space beautifully but doesn't let me get away with my own bullshit. She is a fireball and has re-awakened my own inner fire.  Working with her I was able to finally develop my own inner accountability system and learn how to prioritize for long term goals rather than immediate pleasures - which was huge for me. The books and homework she assigned were great and I got SO much more out of the program than I was expecting.

Leaves Shadow

Sarah T.

I LOVED working with Jessica! I looked forward to every session with her because she is such an inspiring person to be around, and I always walk away equipped with new tools and perspectives to be able to tackle what's ahead. Jessica is so deeply insightful and is able to get at the heart of any issue that comes up - we dug several layers deeper than I thought possible on multiple occasions and helped me see myself and my experiences in a new light. She helped me find more confidence and groundedness. I'm excited to continue working with her in the future. Anyone would be lucky to get to work with Jessica!

Waitlist Now Open

The next round of Unchained and Untamed begins in September. Apply now to lock in the current price of $555. Prices raising to $1111 on June 1st when Doors open. 

So, why should you join me on this journey?

  1. Because I’m awesome and if the universe brought us together, I’m pretty sure you are too. 

  2. Because I believe in and deeply crave your liberation. 


SUP!! My name is Jessica Soares and I am an empowerment and self-sovereignty coach working towards my own liberation and the liberation of all beings. I specialize in helping women overcome the fear of greatness and the fear of being too much to begin embodying and moving as their truest self. I graduated from New York University where I studied performance and psychoanalysis and I am freakishly insightful. My coaching certification is rooted in Modern Applied Psychology and using the tools from that, Neuro-Linguistic Programming and a variety of different spiritual tools drawn from my lifelong affair with all things esoteric, I combine a unique knowledge and balance of the practical and the mystical. I am first and foremost a student and a teacher and have an absurd amount of knowledge about a lot of random shit. I believe in continuously bettering myself, so that I can show up as the best version of myself for my community. 

Plus, one of my friends describes me as having “contagious confidence” so like, if you need someone to make you feel like a goddamn queen - I am absolutely your woman. 

A few fun facts:

  • I am a TCK and have traveled to more than 40 countries


  • Dancefloors are my church and movement is my lifeblood

  • I love broccoli and hate mushrooms (except the magic kind)

  • When I was getting baptized at age 3, I looked up at the priest and asked him why he was wetting my hair. Which should tell you exactly who I am. I question everything. 

  • I practice polyamory and am obsessed with talking about self-pleasure and have all the best recommendations 


I’m a pretty open book, so if you want to find out more about me, feel free to send me a voice note on Instagram.

You are Ready for Unchained and Untamed if:

  • Have done some personal development work before and have a general awareness of who you are

  • To deconstruct what you have been taught about the rules, your worth, and the life you are meant to live.

  • Are passionate and care deeply about the life you are creating for yourself and the world around you

  • Want to begin taking action on your dreams instead of just dreaming them 

  • Are willing to sit in the depths of  your soul even when it doesn’t look pretty

  • Have a deep desire to impact the world around you - whether through your art, your activism, or your pure existence you work on yourself ultimately to help heal the collective and you are ready to start making shit happen 

  • Don’t vibe with the love and light branch of spirituality cause you know that #darkgoddesses is where it’s at. You are ready to dive in deep 

  • Are ready to create your own rulebook for life and throw the one that was imposed upon you out the goddamn window 


This program is probably not for you if:


  • This is your first foray into the world of personal development and emotional mastery

  • You aren’t ready to face and love ALL of yourself, even the messy, dirty bits

  • Believe “love and light” are the only answers

  • Aren’t willing to get vulnerable and honest with yourself 

  • Aren’t ready to hold yourself accountable

  • You aren’t ready to make choices and take aligned action in your life yet

* Please fill out the application in it's entirety, it is the way to gauge if we are a right fit and if this program is for you. You must press enter and be sure to press submit on the last page in order for it to go through.

Leaves Shadow

MORE words on the street


This is usually the section when people pop in a guarantee. Truth is, I can’t guarantee what results you will get, because we are all unique individuals and I will not do you the disservice of lumping you in with everyone else. But what I can promise you is this. If you put in the work, if you answer the call of your own heart, if you take the process seriously and do all the steps - you will feel, more clear, more empowered, and more excited about yourself and your life. And I promise on my end, that I will always give you my truest self. I have poured my heart and soul into this program and it is quite frankly an honor to present it to you. Remember, you don’t need me….you are the answer, it is always you. But doing things in community, where we can be witnessed, loved, supported - there are few things more potent than that. This is not just for your liberation or mine….it is for the liberation of us all.

Take a moment and check in with your heart: Is this correct for you?

giphy (12).gif

So now you have choice (you always have a choice in life:


You can totally pass on this incredible offer. I mean I think it’s amazeballs pero like, I won’t be offended if now is not the time for you.




You can procrastinate, waffle back and forth for a few days, and potentially miss out on your spot. I will close the cart as soon as we hit 10 people or on April 19th, whichever comes first. (Cause I value and prioritize my rest and energy y’all)




You can join me and 9 other incredible, badass women in a sure-to-be wild journey back into your wholeness. Into your unchaining and untaming. You can commit to investing in yourself in your journey right now. 


When you take a decisive action, when you choose yourself not only do you build up self-confidence and self-trust (you don’t need to ask anyone else for permission but your own damn self) but you also send out an energetic message to the universe: I am worthy of the investment and ready for my fucking coronation.


I’m just saying….don’t be surprised if all of a sudden you start walking with a little extra pep in your step and feeling magnetic AF.

The program is $1,555. Payment Plans available. 

10 spots available

* Please fill out the application in it's entirety, it is the way to gauge if we are a right fit and if this program is for you. You must press enter and be sure to press submit on the last page in order for it to go through.

giphy (13).gif


How many members are in the group?

The group will have a maximum of ten people to preserve intimacy and ensure that everyone has enough time and focus and so that we can dive in really deep and delicious.


How does the group meet?

The group meets over Zoom, so you can participate from whenever. I understand that life happens so all sessions will be recorded so that group members may review sessions.

How often does the group meet?


The group meets once a week for 12 weeks with 3 additional Liberated Lady party calls scheduled.

What do I need to participate?


You need yourself, radical honesty, and an open heart. Technically, a strong internet connection helps. You will also receive worksheets during modules and they will be most beneficial to you if you print them in advance, but will all also be digitally fillable should you so choose. 

There may also be books mentioned, that you might choose to purchase or check out from your local library.

What time commitments will be required? 


Group sessions are 60 minutes. Liberated Lady parties are 2 hours. The amount of time dedicated to pre/post session activities is dependent on the individual. There will be homework and explorations to conduct on your own time but they are all so wonderful - can we call that work?


As a participant, what support will I have?


Beyond that which is listed above, you will also have:

  • Access to me via e-mail throughout the 12 weeks.

  • An additional private 1-on-1 if you take advantage of the early bird discount.

  • Opportunity to book additional 1-on-1 sessions at a MAJOR discount. 

  • A fellow journeyer to help keep each other accountable and lean on throughout the process.

  • Discounted access to some of my fave practitioners - reiki, breathwork, astrology, etc. 

  • Often times the relationships formed between participants during the group program last well beyond the conclusion of the program- your relationships have the potential to last a lifetime.


How do I set up my 1-on-1 coaching sessions?

You will receive an email with a link to select a date and time for your 1-hour coaching session.


What forms of payment are accepted? 

Payments are to be made through an online secure transaction with Square. You can also pay via Paypal or Venmo if those are more suitable for you. 

More Questions?

DM me below!