Um... I think I know who I am, Jessica

"You have such a way with words and an ability to get me deeply in touch with my emotions. People have so much to learn from your wisdom and I hope as many as possible get the chance."

Damn fucking straight you do! And never let anyone tell you otherwise.


But are we a right fit? Let's see! And if not, feel free to reach out anyway - I have some great referrals. 



  • Someone who has visions, dreams, and yearnings to impact the world around you?

  • Ready to overcome self-doubt and step into self-trust?

  • Done with feeling indecisive about anything and everything?

  • Tired of shrinking yourself down in order to protect others?

  • Ready to find crystal clarity around what you came here to accomplish?

  • Willing to wade into the depths of your being and integrate your shadow and the fullness of your humanity?

  • Ready to make the leap from awareness to action and embodiment?

  • Sick of telling yourself the story that you are too much?

  • Someone who has already done some personal development work

  • Craving learning how to take up space in a more truthful way?

  • Someone who knows that you can be a loving, spiritual-minded person AND have an OnlyFans account? Or that you can find God in the leaves of a magnolia tree or at the club on a Saturday night?

  • Comfortable with hearing the F bomb dropped frequently #openthroatchakraamiright ?

  • Desiring above feel free?

  • SO OVER feeling like you don't know which next step to take?


I’ll tell you a secret: you do know how. In fact you’re the only one that does and I can help you remember that.

The truth is. You have been trying to live a life that is not yours to live. A long time ago, people whispered to you, in sideways glances and on TV screens that the way to be happy is to play nice. To be a good girl (I fucking hate those two words together). To put everyone else’s needs in front of your own.  Its 2021 and I am here to say: FUCK THAT NOISE!!! YOU must be your first priority, because let me tell ya, you're no one else’s. That's a tough pill to swallow, but its true. You get to decide how to best live your life.


This is the year of stepping in to your Queendom.

Are you ready to step into your dream life UNAPOLOGETICALLY and unleash the bad bitch you KNOW you really are?

Are you ready to stop asking the latest self help guru, your bodega man, and your third cousins grandma for advice and permission and start turning inwards for the answers instead?

If the answer to both of those is a resounding "Hell The Fuck Yes", then I'm ready to help you get there. 

Boo, you are a god dam fucking piece of divinity why pretend to be anything other than exactly that?





Six months from now you are a living, breathing, badass, embodied, unapologetic, GODDESS (yes, I do mean this literally).

  • Dream job, dream home, dream community, dream partner? It is all easily, and readily available for you.

  • You fully and completely trust yourself and are deeply connected to your intuition.

  • Boundaries? Set. Communication tools? You've got those nailed down.

  • Analysis paralysis is a thing of the past. Self-doubt? You don't even remember that bitch's name.

  • You are no longer making apologies for who you are or how you choose to move through the world.

  • You are feeling 100% confident and content in who you are.

  • You are unapologetic, unabashed, and untamed in all areas of your life

I'm not promising that you will love your job, or your home, or your relationship with your mother will be exactly as you always dreamed it would be. What I am promising though, is that YOU will love you. And you will know, without a shadow of a doubt that that dream home that your designing on Pinterest, is well within your reach. That perfect (for you) partner, is waiting for you. That you are worthy of the life of your dreams.


This is your unmasking.


Many will have you think that you need to do more, add more, more accoutrements, more adornments, more things (bullshit, quite frankly). And then, and only then, will you be happy.  This is the greatest lie of capitalism.  You are already whole and perfect and right. Nothing about you needs to be fixed. You just need to be uncovered. Together we will work on your revelation. This is about walking through the shadows, and emerging into the light as the you, only you can be.