“Yea but what even is empowerment coaching”?

Good fucking question! I’ll tell ya. This type of coaching could be helpful for you if: 


  • You struggle with confidence and/or self-worth issues

  • You struggle with making decisions

  • You crave deep connection to your own-self trust.

  • You instinctively prioritize others' above yourself....AKA people pleasing probs

  • You have a deep fear that you are too much....that you take up to much space

  • You feel like none of your manifestations are coming through

  • You have a hard time honoring your boundaries and communicating your needs. 

  • You know you want ‘something more’, yet can’t seem to bring yourself to take action on actually creating it. 


Here’s the thing. You can sign up for all the courses, pay all the therapists and coaches and energy healers, you can do all the breathwork. But none of it matters until you fundamentally trust yourself. A long time ago, you learned that it wasn’t safe to trust yourself. You learned that your desires were bad or too much or perhaps that they hurt people. You learned that it was safer to just adhere to the status quo and not ruffle too many feathers. You learned that it was not OK to be exactly who you are. So until you heal that wound, until you can stand in who you are unapologetically, then the shifts aren’t going to happen. Coming into self-sovereignty is like sticking a big fat old middle finger up to the systems and conditions that have made you believe that you have to be anything other than exactly who you are in order to be loved. And until you ACCEPT yourself, all of who you are, and trust in your own heart - no matter how fucking wildly different it looks.....your life will not change. 

I want you to find YOUR unique path. I want you to connect to YOUR individual voice. I want you to live the life that only you were put on this planet to live. And I want to help you get there. That is what we do. 

Together, over the course of three to six months, we will work on your Undoing. We will chisel away at all the layers and walls and stories that have been built up to uncover the truth of who you are. This will not be easy. It will often be painful and messy and it will hurt. And I promise you, it will be 100% worth it. Living life from an unapologetic, empowered state, knowing that everything you desire can be made manifest and more importantly that: YOU ARE WORTH ALL OF IT. 

My signature framework is comprised of nine steps and three overall themes:

  • CLARITY. This is the step that is all about clearing out. Understanding the soup that we come from and exist in - both the intimate, such as family and culture and the more expansive, such as government, media, and politics. This is also the step in which it is crucial to find our guiding north star - WTF is the point to know where we've been if we don't know where we are going.

  • ALCHEMY. This is the step of integration. Facing our humanity, in its entirety head on. In this step, we learn how to work with our fears, and shadows and how to make all of our so-called flaws (imagine me saying this with a healthy does of sarcasm), the keys to our magic.

  • EMBODIMENT. Action baby. None of the awareness and clearing out work means anything if we don't bring it into the body. We are souls in human form, and whether you like that or not, such is life. In this step we learn how to finally become and embody and take action AS the uncovered version of self you have discovered.

Aided by tools such as NLP and NVC, and rooted in positive psychology, mixed with a healthy dash of the metaphysical, we will work together to get you clear, integrated, and ready to take action from an empowered place. You will begin not only creating, but more importantly, living….a life by design. I want to be perfectly clear...I can’t and won’t do the work for you. That wouldn’t be fair. I don’t want you to live your life the way I live my life, I want you to live it your way. And I happen to be damn good at doing just that - at reminding you of your freedom to design your life. So if you’re ready and curious, take a look at the two one-on-one options and when you’re ready, come find me. Don’t delay your coronation, queen. The power is in your hands and your hands alone. 

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These are always more affordable and structured containers with the added benefit of community,


We can't build anew on shitty foundations. In order to move forward as our fullest, most exalted selves, we must first be willing to unearth and bring clarity to where we currently stand. 

This package is for those who are ready to begin cultivating a life by design and stop living a life by default. In order to do that, Over the course of three months, we will work with what you bring to the table and seek to discover what is blocking you from walking through the world as your fullest empowered self.

What is included:

  • (1) 60 minute tarot reading

  • (12) 60 minute video calls

  • Weekly homework activities and worksheets

  • E-mail and phone support

*Starts at 2,222$

Have more questions? Feel free to shoot me an e-mail or a voice note on Instagram.